Tents & Lighting

We can also arrange a tent and/or lighting for your event with us. These are the options available to you. Price will vary depending on size and style. 


Basic White Fame Tent

This is your basic white frame tent that come with lighting inside. 

Clear Tent

Very unique option where you can have cover from the elements but still see the beautiful sky. However not recommended for the summer months. 

Clear Tent w/ Fairy Lights

An alternative lighting setup available for a clear or white tent. 

Lighting & Draping Structures

This structure is surely a showstopper. 

Light Ceiling

Overhead  bistro lighting adds such a great ambiance to any event. 

Perimeter Lighting

A budget option that still looks great!


A great way to add a pop of color and drama to your ambiance. 


Lined White Tent

This is a fully lined white tent with leg drape and chandeliers. 

Frame Tent w/Fabric Swag

Another option of interior design for a white frame tent. 

Sperry Tents

A stunning and unique alternative to you average tent if it is in your budget. 

Draping Structure w/ Chandeliers

Another showstopper!


Pipe and drape fabric backdrops available in blush and ivory. 

Lit Tables

Adds a perfect glow to your event. Available for high-tops, accent tables, and dinner tables in any color. 

Free Hanging Chandeliers

This set-up is so elegant. It will, no doubt, make a lasting impression on your guests.