Pantone Wedding Colors 2016

 If you haven't heard of Pantone, they are a world renowned authority on color and providing color systems. Every year they name the colors of the year and everything from fashion and home decor to weddings will reflect these color selections. 

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Bridal Henna Party!

How fun would it be to throw a bridal henna party! Have an artist give you and all your bridesmaids matching or mismatching henna tattoos while you get ready for the wedding! They even offer henna in white and it is just a one-day application and washes off after. Look how beautiful and romantic the white henna is: Bridal Henna Party

Bridal Henna Party


Here is some information about henna:

Henna Art (Mehndi) is a safe, natural way to beautify your skin and is temporary. It will last 1-3 weeks normally with proper post care. When Jagua is used, the blueish tattoo stain ,it is lasting the longest on some skin areas up to 3 weeks.. Originally native to India, Pakistan, Morocco, and other parts of northern Africa, the henna tattoo art has grown most recently in America and is being used as a body adornment, a great alternative to permanent ink tattoos and is a popular party entertainment for all ages .It's safe for skin being its only natural ingredients in the paste and can be used on all areas of the body including on children and pregnant bellies.

Our designs range from simple to complex and the possibilities are endless. We do everything freehand and We will help you choose one best for you and you can also bring your own ideas. Call us to set up a private appointment at our location in Miami beach or we can come to you for our hourly rate. Book us for your party or special event. We can also supply you with some henna products and kits to professionals.
Kathleen Wright is the henna artist that we work with and she is truly talented. She also offers exotic jewelry trunk shows and lots of other types of entertainment. I think throwing a bridal henna party in conjunction with some exotic jewelry is a great idea not only for the wedding day but also engagement parties, bridal showers or even bachelorette parties.
Here are some more photos of her work:

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Bridal Henna Party
Please contact us at Caribbean Catering or visit her website and facebook for more information.
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Florida Keys Wedding Menu Trends

Caribbean Catering we offer lots of menu styles. Each wedding is unique and each couple has a vision of what they want their wedding guests to experience. Each menu style lends itself to a different ambiance or experience for dinner. Take a look at some Florida Keys Wedding Menu Trends that we offer, their price points, and the guest experience they lend themselves to.

Florida Keys Wedding Menu Trends

Plated Dinners

Florida Keys Wedding Menu Trends

A plated dinner is certainly the most traditional route for a wedding. It is perfect if your vision is of a formal affair, where all the guests are seated for a full-service meal. Most of our guests that choose this type of menu will choose two proteins, two sides this will also be paired with a salad and bread course. Each guest will receive a dual plate with both of the selected proteins and sides. Alternatively, you can have a choice menu where your guests will choose their protein on the invitation and all guests would receive the same sides for both choices. You will then also need to assign each guest to a seat and their dinner selection will be represented at each setting for service.  The price point for a sit-down plated dinner will vary depending on your protein selections, however, we don't charge any extra for this type of service. Here is a sample menu that we offer:

Crabcakes with Roasted Red Pepper, Jerk Grilled Pork Medallion Herb Rice/Orzo Medley, grilled sweet potatoes with rum glaze. Island Salad and home baked bread. Cost: $45.00/person

Buffet Dinner

Florida Keys Wedding Menu Trends

With this style of menu you will have more flexibility with your menu selections, we have had people add on up to four different proteins to their menu. Each guest will have the option of having everything or pick and choose what they want. A buffet style meal has a more laid back feel to it if your vision has people mingling and eating their delicious dinner as they please this is the perfect selection for you. However, we also offer the option of blending these two styles together. We can do a plated salad course followed by a buffet dinner. This will give you an element of that formality but still keep things light for dinner service. Here is possible buffet menu:

Island Snapper with key lime sauce, rum glazed beef, garlic mashed potatoes, steamed vegetable medley, Caribbean salad, fresh baked bread. Cost: $45.00/person

Roving Dinner

Florida Keys Wedding Menu Trends

This type of dinner service is great for an off-beat wedding with a focus on a less formal atmosphere and lots of mingling and partying. Heavy passed appetizer as dinner is a really fun way to feed all of your hungry guests. Contrary to what most people may think this type of dinner service is not going to save you any money. Guests will certainly still leave with a full stomach, there will be plenty of food for all. Appetizers while they may be small bites, they are more labor intensive and have several different types of protein so it works out to be about the same price as a regular buffet or plated service. Here is a sample menu of a roving dinner:

             Mini Cubans

            Mini Burger Sliders

            Hummus w/ spicy chips

            Chicken Potstickers

            Mozzarella & Tomato Crostini

            Spinach & Feta Triangles

            Fruit & Cheese Skewers

            Shrimp cocktail

                        Cost: $35./person      Chef Fee  $150.00


Florida Keys Wedding Menu Trends

This is a new trend that we are getting asked about quite often these days. I think it is a great service style for a laid-back wedding (we do a lot of those here on Keys time). In this style of service, you will have live action stations where you guests will receive small plates of a large selection of flavors. It is almost like tapas style dinner, everyone tastes a bit of everything. This style of service is the most expensive in most cases because of the amount of staff needed as well as the larger selection of food. If it is in your budget a really fun service style. Below is a sample stations menu:

Cold Station:

  • Individual Mozzarella Tomato Salad with a Balsamic Reduction served on a rubber leaf
  • Asian Noodle Salad w/ julienne veggies, ginger, scallions, water chestnuts, pea pods in a coconut milk lemongrass sauce  served on bamboo plates.
  • Fruit Skewer display like flower arrangement, with pineapple, watermelon & strawberry
  • Home baked bread/roll assortment & Earth Balance butter

Seafood Station:

  • Deconstructed paella with Shrimp, Clams, mussels & scallops displayed with cast iron Pot
  • Saffron Rice in large cast iron skillet  Paella served in white china bowls
  • Pulled Pork topped w/ cilantro in mini corn husk boats.
  • Chicken Tropical served on bamboo mini plates.
  • Seared hogfish and yellowtail snapper rubbed with key lime rub & topped with tropical honey veggie slaw served on a banana leaf  on a Bamboo Plate.
  • Cooked onsite:  Chef & Flattop Grill Fee   $250.
  • Cost: $60./per person

We are happy to help you plan your wedding service style along with your menu planning. Come in and see us to book your wedding or event!

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Cute Cookies

A new local vendor is baking up some super cute cookies that will be perfect for dessert or wedding favors. We have ordered a batch to do a taste test, can't wait!! Custom designed cookies make unique party favors weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties and corporate events.  

These ones wold make a perfect dessert for our Mexican Fiesta Themed rehearsal dinner menu!!

cute cookies

cute cookies

She also has some great ideas for decor details for cake pops and I love these boozy Nassau rum shot cupcakes.

cute cookies


For more information contact Caribbean Catering or visit their Facebook page.

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Masquerade Themed Wedding

It is always a great idea to come up with a fun theme for your wedding to create a unique vibe for your special day. As Halloween is right around the corner and many brides have their fall wedding happening so close to such a fun holiday. Who doesn't love a good costume party! A masquerade themed wedding allows you to combine the fun of costumes and mystery of wearing masks as well as that classy vibe of a Venetian masquerade ball. The best part is there are so many options on where you can take the style of decor, all black and white, classic Venetian,  or 1920's. There are also a lot of different masks out there for the wedding party and wedding couple as well. This website has a great selection of wedding masquerade masks. It will also give your guests a chance to show some creativity in how they match their mask to their outfits and there are also several nice couples masks out there. Even amazon has a large selection of masks. Another great idea is to have a big basket of masks available for your guests to choose as they arrive also.

These are somee of my favorite bridal masks. It is nice that it is on a stick so you have the choice to hold it up for pictures but not have it ruin your nice hair and make-up.

masquerade themed wedding

masquerade themed wedding

masquerade themed wedding

Here are some other fun shots of masquerade themed weddings:

masquerade themed wedding

masquerade themed wedding

masquerade themed wedding

masquerade themed wedding

For more on having a masquerade wedding or more theme ideas contact us as Caribbean Catering. Islamorada weddings


Sneak Peak of Hillary and Aaron

We cannot wait for Hillary & Aaron's wedding weekend, here is a sneak peak! Caribbean Catering, Blue Water Weddings and John Rudolph Designs will be creating a very unique and beautiful wedding this weekend. Hillary and Aaron of Chicago are having the wedding of their dreams this Friday.  Hillary was inspired by the inside/outside feel of a lavish dining atmosphere under the stars for her destination wedding here in the Florida Keys. We will create a sophisticated experience with romantic draping, soft lighting surrounded by a shimmer of rose gold. Hanging florals and crystal chandeliers will evoke the royalty of an English Garden ambiance. The simple elegance and romance of this design will be a show stopper. Check out these inspirations boards and stay tuned to see the real thing: sneak peak

sneak peak


Stay tuned for more pictures from Hillary and Aaron's wedding. For more inspiration and wedding design contact us at Caribbean Catering or Julia at Blue Water Weddings.

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