Mix & Match Bridesmaids

Mix and Match bridesmaid’s dresses have been becoming more and more popular for quite some time now. It is a style that I think is great for so many reasons. We all know that we each have different body types and personal styles. With a mix and match style, your girls can all choose a dress that they look and feel the best in. The variance in color and texture also really works well in photos. It gives your images more depth and a more natural look. Rather than super structured and completely matchy-matchy, it gets old fast. There are also many different ways to achieve this from completely different in color texture and length to all the same color but different styles or even matching dresses but different bold shoes. Take a look at some of this drool-worthy inspiration.

Now you may be thinking, well yes these inspiration looks are amazing but how will I find dresses for my girls that match perfectly in that mismatching way? Good question. But, luckily I have the answer!! As a huge fan of Anthropologie I was, of course, thrilled when they came out with a wedding brand, BHLDN. They have just come out with color curated lines of mismatching bridesmaids dresses, and they are AMAZING! Click here to see more.   This is how they describe their selections: 

"We couldn't help but notice your love for mix and matching bridesmaids dresses and to help make choosing dresses easy, we've put together assortments of bridesmaid dresses according to color. Whether you prefer your ladies in warm, blush bridesmaid dresses or industrial grey bridesmaid dresses, we have a collection for you. When putting together an assortment of different style dresses, it's important to make sure each dress goes together seamlessly so your bridal party feels like a group. For example, if you have your maid of honor in a beautiful floral ensemble with hints of pink, purple and grey, try dressing the rest of the bridal party in grey or lavender bridesmaid dresses. When it comes to your wedding, there is no wrong or right way to go about something so have fun dressing your bridal party!"

Can't wait to see these looks in action!!!

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