Sneak Peak of Hillary and Aaron

We cannot wait for Hillary & Aaron's wedding weekend, here is a sneak peak! Caribbean Catering, Blue Water Weddings and John Rudolph Designs will be creating a very unique and beautiful wedding this weekend. Hillary and Aaron of Chicago are having the wedding of their dreams this Friday.  Hillary was inspired by the inside/outside feel of a lavish dining atmosphere under the stars for her destination wedding here in the Florida Keys. We will create a sophisticated experience with romantic draping, soft lighting surrounded by a shimmer of rose gold. Hanging florals and crystal chandeliers will evoke the royalty of an English Garden ambiance. The simple elegance and romance of this design will be a show stopper. Check out these inspirations boards and stay tuned to see the real thing: sneak peak

sneak peak


Stay tuned for more pictures from Hillary and Aaron's wedding. For more inspiration and wedding design contact us at Caribbean Catering or Julia at Blue Water Weddings.

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DIY Beach Wedding Ideas

Many of our brides these days do at least some of their wedding details DIY, or do it yourself. It's a great way to save a little money when costs can add up quick. It can also give your wedding details a personal touch and sentimental value for you and your partner. I have recently discovered a new and amazing craft product, Japanese Washi Tape. This amazing invention can be used for so many things.  If you haven't heard of it before, get ready for your obsession to begin! The best way to describe washi tape is that it feels like masking tape — very, very pretty masking tape. It's made of paper, but is not as delicate as you would expect. Plus, it comes in patterns and designs that will make even the most dedicated crafters swoon and varying widths to allow you to create some fun and intricate washi tape designs.Here are a few cute projects using Washi tape for a DIY Beach Wedding. Check out these easy to make washi tape centerpieces.

DIY Beach Wedding DIY Beach Wedding

Spice up your wedding favors with a bit a Washi tape.

DIY Beach Wedding

DIY Beach Wedding

You can use Washi tape to add some color and design to your invitations.

DIY Beach Wedding


Have your guests use washi tape to put notes or photos in your guest book.

DIY Beach Wedding

DIY Beach Wedding

Use washi tape on your escort cards.

DIY Beach Wedding

These are just a few cute ideas for DIY projects using washi tape. It is inexpensive and just so damn cute! You can buy it on Amazon or from Michaels. Happy crafting!!

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The New Wedding Table

For a long while round tables have been the top choice for brides. Round tables are great - they create an intimate atmosphere where everyone at the table can chat and no one feels left out. But it's always good to think about your design options and not to blindly follow suit of those that have gone before you. What we have been seeing a lot of lately are Long tables.  They are the new wedding table of choice!

We love them for lots of reasons. Of course they look amazing and they also make the table plan easier because groups can be merged along the table without having group or separate people.  Plus, if you have a miscount you might be able to squeeze a few extra seats in!

Flowers, candles, lanterns and runners look amazing on long tables - the symmetry of their arrangement on a long table creates a fantastic visual effect. The long tables really have an old world romantic look to them.

The Long Wedding Table

Here are some beautiful examples of this latest trend.

Contact us at Caribbean Catering for more inspiration for your wedding tables.

wedding table

Our Fave Beach Wedding Quotes

When it comes to weddings, it's all in the details. This is where you can make it your own and really show off your style and your love story. One of my favorite details is signage. Even though I've seen a beach wedding or two I always come across a new quote or sign at each one that is unique. I've compiled some of my favorites here in this post.

Caribbean Catering has several signs like these available for your beach wedding. Contact us for more information on our available signs. is a great spot to get custom signs made if you have a great quote in mind. I always love seeing new ones, please share your favorites!!

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Check out our new Cuban Themed Menu

Our new Cuban themed menu is perfect for an Islamorada event. With the Caribbean influences in this part of the country it is a perfect match. Not only is the food delicious but there are many possibilities for decor with in this theme as well. Colorful, fun and tropical are perfect decor elements for a wedding or event here in Islamorada.

The Look

cuban themed menu


This event that we did recently totally captured the look. White linen, rattan chargers, bamboo chairs and bright multicolored napkins. Square tables give a regal feel with the extra space they provide. Centerpieces consist of cigar boxes filled with tropical stems and greens, and vintage tequila bottles used to serve cold water. Brightly colored and tropical yet still classy and elegant.

The Menu

Our Cuban themed menu consists of the following delicious dishes:

Mojo pulled pork - The pork is slow cooked until it is fall apart tender and marinated in garlic, olive oil and citrus juices. A wonderful combination of tangy and savory flavors.

Tostones - Twice fried and pounded plantain chips, that are crispy and golden brown, served with a citrus garlic dipping sauce.

Avocado and tomato salad - Sweet ripe tomatoes and creamy avocado slices dressed in a light vinaigrette, salt and pepper.

Rice and black beans - A Cuban classic and tasty combination of savory black beans paired with perfectly cooked white rice.

At the bar serve some traditional Cuban cocktails. The Mojito, it's combination of sweetness, refreshing citrus, and mint flavors is intended to complement the potent kick of the rum, and has made it a perfect summer drink. The Cuba Libre, a highball made of cola, lime, and dark or light rum. The Havana Club Daiquiri, ingredients are rum, citrus (typically lime juice), and sugar. Again light and refreshing and decidedly Cuban, the drink is named for a small beach village in Cuba.


Consider hiring a cigar roller. To provide cigars and roll cigars in person for all of your guests. We often work with Rodriguez Cigars out of Key West.  They do a great job and have a beautiful display for events.

cuban themed menu


Contact Caribbean Catering to book your next event and we can help you with more menu and theme ideas like this one!

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Beach Wedding Ceremony Tips

The actual wedding ceremony itself is really the most important part of the day. This is what all of your guests have come to witness and the reason for the celebration! So don't forget to really consider the design of your ceremony. When having your ceremony on the beach there are few more things to consider, Caribbean Catering has a few tips for your beach wedding ceremony.


Many couples who opt for a beach ceremony are not sticking with traditional and do not require their guests to sit as guests of the bride and guests of the groom. Open seating makes it easy for your guests and keeps an inviting atmosphere. Since it is an outdoor affair guests will have more than one entrance to the ceremony area so keep it simple. Most only reserve the front rows for immediate family who will be walking down the aisle, such as parents and grandparents. In this case you won't need ushers although if you are going to have programs be sure to assign someone the duty of handing them out. Also consider getting sign to let people know that they can sit on either side, like this one.

beach wedding ceremony

There are also several option for your seating design. Here are some of the set ups we have done for our couples;

When choosing your seating design consider the size of the property you are working with and the amount of guests you will need to seat to be sure there will be space for your desired layout. Most of the properties we work with lend themselves to a particular style of ceremony layout and we are more than happy to do a walk through with you to go over your options at your desired venue.


When having a beach wedding you may want to think about getting an archway of some type for your ceremony. Some properties have landscaping and structures built in to frame your ceremony. If it doesn't, an arch really adds that drama to your ceremony design and gives you a nice focal point. There several different styles available, these are some that we have done in the past.


You will want to carefully consider your footwear for both you and your guests. Outdoor surfaces like grass or sand can be difficult to navigate in pumps. Wear wedges or flats for an easier time and be sure to let your guests and wedding party know what the appropriate footwear will be. On grass or sand a fabric aisle runner usually won't work out all that well. It can easily catch on your shoes since the surface is uneven. Sturdier constructed pieces tend to lend themselves better to outdoor ceremonies like bamboo or boardwalk.

Beach wedding ceremonies may have different aspects to consider than a traditional ceremony but are always beautiful. Who wouldn't like sand between your toes and a beautiful keys sunset as your ceremony backdrop? Contact us at Caribbean Catering for more ideas on your beach wedding ceremony.

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Lighting Is Everything

Lighting is a very important element to any event whether it be indoors or out. Your lighting will set the mood and has the ability to truly transform your event space. When it is done right it makes everything look better, even your guests! Use it to highlight details and define spaces. At an outdoor event they become even more critical because once it is dark out this will be your main light source not just for mood lighting but for being able to see what's on your dinner plate!

String Lights

lighting string lights islamorada weddings Market lights or bistro lights are great for illuminating dance floors and dinning areas. They can illuminate a large area and create a charming warm ambiance that can be admired by night.





Here is your chance to play with color. Led lights can easily be matched to any color in your pallet. They are also one of the most inexpensive ways to transform a space. When placed properly they can really take your design to the next level.


Spot Lights

lighting spot lighting islamorada weddings

This lighting element can be used to highlight details, such as the cake or floral centerpieces.


Lanterns & Candle Light


There is an endless possibilities when it comes to lanterns and candles with so many styles to choose from. They add a soft warm glow to your tablescapes and create perfect mood for dinner conversation.


Hire a Professional


When thinking about lighting many of us think that we can take this on ourselves and save a few bucks. In the end it will be more than worth it to have a professional do the handle it for you. Not only will they have a creative eye to really use your event space well, they also have all the necessary tools and equipment to install everything properly. We have seen so many times people who have decided to do their own lighting and end up either blowing a fuse with no options of being able to replace it and therefore ending up with no light or they don't have enough lights. You also don't need any guests falling off a ladder trying to string up lights for you! Check our facebook for more ideas on lighting, or contact us at Caribbean Catering.


Talk About Full Service Catering!

[video width="480" height="360" webm="" loop="true" autoplay="true"][/video] When planning an Islamorada wedding or event there are so many decisions to make and the wedding industry down here is booming so there are more and more options popping up all over. The choices can be overwhelming at times.  The first choices to make is finding your planner, venue, caterer and rentals. Our service at Caribbean Catering covers all of these aspects and more.

We have been doing Florida Keys weddings and events for nearly 15 years. This wealth of experience gives us the local knowledge and relationships to help you through the entire process of planning your special event. We have relationships with so many local vendors and knowledge of all the best wedding locations available in the upper keys. From the very early stages of planning we can help you find the perfect venue for you based on your guest count, style and budget. Working with in your budget we can use our local resources to recommend photographers, musicians, offciants, florists, planners, hair and make-up and specialty vendors like cigar rollers, photo booths, espresso bar or a food truck.

Caribbean Catering also has all of the rentals you will need for your event; tables, chairs, linens, decor items, glassware, silverware, dinner china, charger plates, napkin rings, cake stands ect. Our catering and rental packages always include all of the set up. Many rental vendors do not include set-up in their rental quote, only drop off. The last thing you need to worry about on your big day is getting your guests to set up tables and chairs in the heat! We are on site early in the morning to set up every detail exactly as we have discussed in planning. We also offer for our rentals a day early at no extra charge for clients who would like to do a rehearsal dinner with us.

In addition we have a professional staff that has been working with us for many years. They are familiar with the flow of a wedding and the layouts of the locations that we work with. Our staff is knowledgeable about our menus and familiar with beer, wine, liquor and cocktails. We expect our staff to always be on time and to be friendly and personable.

Our service will also include making sure that all trash and recycling  is cleared before we leave at the end of the event.  We arrive in the morning to clear any remaining trash from the after party and breakdown all of the rentals. We will also ensure any items you provided, like centerpieces are set aside for you to take home.

We would love to help you plan your wedding or event. Contact us for more information on our full service catering and get a free quote!

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Boho Chic Decor

I don't know about you, but I am in love with everything house and home from Anthropologie. They have such a great style and uniqueness in all of their lines. If I could, I would decorate my whole house with their stuff! The last time I was wishful shopping their website I was thrilled to see they now have a wedding brand. They have put together an amazing collection of off-beat, vintage inspired decor items. They even have attire for everyone moms, guests and brides. The style they convey has influences of bohemian and hippie and the style is on the rise. It is very romantic and feminine at its heart and that's why I love it for wedding decor. Even you don't buy anything it is certainly a great place to find some inspiration. It is a great place to find super cute odds and ends, like table numbers and cake toppers.



They have a great selection of ceremony accessories, from back drops to ring holders. I like this gilded seashell ring holder.



I am so loving the paper plate selection!



The centerpieces are to die for! I am so into these Ivory Hobnail Vases.


They also have a line of stationary that leaves nothing out. The place card selection is on point and there are cards for the mother and father of the groom on my wedding day. A very nice touch for your parents. Also super cute cards for your soon to be partner!



One thing that can slip your mind when planning all the details is gifts for your bridesmaids and mother. They have a great selection of gifts for bridesmaids, mothers and even for the couple. I think these Minimergency Kits make a super cute bridesmaid gift with out breaking the bank at only $18.00 each.



The range of dresses they carry is in word, dreamy. They also have a full line of bridal shoes and accessories as well as lingerie for the wedding night.


Visit Anthropologie's new wedding brand's webiste, BHLDN, for the full line of products, look book and inspiration boards. Contact us at Caribbean Catering for more ideas on styling a boho chic beach wedding.

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History of the Wedding Dress

Contemporary Weddings are a symbol of love and commitment between the bride and groom. However, historically weddings were more like a business transaction between two families and rarely for love. Most weddings were arranged in order to form a beneficial alliance. So therefore, since the bride was meant to represent her family the dress was meant to show her family in the best possible light. Especially in terms of their wealth and social status. wedding dress

Peasant brides did not purchase a new dress, they simply wore their finest gown. They were not usually white, in fact they were often black! Brides of wealthy families wore rich fabrics in bold colors and layers of fur to show the wealth and social status of her family and guests. Blue was a rather popular color for early wedding dresses as it was said to represent purity. The dark color also hid stains and imperfections well.

wedding dress

Prior to the Victorian era white was not a common color for a wedding dress. Although there are a few documented instances including Phillipa of England in 1406 and Mary Queen of Scots in 1559. Wearing a white wedding dress on your wedding day did not become popular until 1840, following the marriage of Queen Victoria. She wore white to incorporate lace that she highly prized. Their official wedding portrait was widely published and inspired many other brides to choose white in accordance with the queen. A few years following Queen Victoria's marriage, early women's magazines and publications declared white was the best shade for a bride.

wedding dress

From then on if you were someone, you wore white to your wedding. Even still white was a hard color to achieve and preserve in that time, so only the most wealthy could afford a white dress. With that said, you could hardly consider the dresses white, or even eggshell, as bleaching technology of the day was poor.

wedding dress

During the great depression the white wedding dress went by the wayside, as people were hit with hard times. Often wearing just their Sunday best regardless of color. Following the economic boom of the second half of the 20th century once again white became the color of choice. Such as the iconic weddings of Grace Kelly and Princess Diana.

wedding dresswedding dress

Today Brides can choose from hundreds of colors and styles, however in western weddings white, ecru and ivory are still the most popular. About 75% of the wedding dress market is accounted for by strapless gowns. However we are starting to see a resurgence of sleeved dresses and those more like the styles of the early 1900's.

wedding dress

How do you feel about a colored wedding dress? Will you go strapless or go with a sleeve? Picking the dress can feel daunting with so many choices.  Just be glad that today you marry for love and you get to love the dress too!

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Pantone Inspired Wedding Colors

Pantone is an institution when it comes to color. I always look to their color forecasting for the year to get some great ideas for design. It is a great source of inspiration when styling anything from your home to your wedding. Here are the 2015 pantone inspired wedding colors.....


These shades all have a very elegant and sophisticated feel. Perfect for creating that rustic vintage feel for an outdoor wedding. These are some weddings we have done recently that have used some of my favorite colors here.

Amethyst Orchid

Islamorada translates to Purple Isle, so I love pops of purple at our weddings down here. Our waters are sparking blues and purples so it really compliments the atmosphere here in the Keys.


Cadmium Orange

This vibrant color makes for a deliciously bold statement color. It also has a great tropical feel to go with your palm trees and blue water.


Cashmere Rose

This innocent and sweet tone of blush pink really completes that vintage chic theme. It is very romantic and sweet and will look great with lots of warm candle light.


Biscay Bay

This stunning and Caribbean blue is a classic tone for weddings here in the Florida Keys. It is the color of our beautiful waters so will always make a beautiful accent color for a beach wedding.


Oak Buff

This lovely hue of pale yellow makes an excellent match with tones of gray. The cool grays with pops of sunny yellow make for an inviting yet elegant atmosphere.


This palette of pantone inspired wedding colors gives the nod to outdoor wedding, rustic and bohemian look and that are a huge style in the wedding industry right now. So how would you make use of these colors and how many colors should you use? Well it comes down to personal taste, however some I feel some are bold enough to ride solo, while others can be paired beautifully.  What’s your opinion?

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New Wedding Venue

grassy3 We have recently scouted a new wedding venue here in the Keys. I am super excited about this new wedding venue and cannot wait to do some events here! Not only is this an idillic location for a florida keys wedding, with 5 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms you and your close family or friends can enjoy this beautiful home and property for the whole week of your wedding!


Not only does this new wedding venue have a gorgeous beach with plenty of room for a tent, it also has an amazing lounge area and pool undercover of the house with plenty of space for covered dinning there as well.

grassy key2



Heres the specifics:

It is a brand new dream home, gated and set far back and elevated, acre plus private beach front, 2 hours from MIA AND 1-1/4 hours from Key West. A grass motor court leads to the stunning Coral stone-clad minimalist contemporary, with the glass entrance flanked by illuminated reflection pools with shooting water arcs. Designed to maximize beach and sunrise views, and oriented to catch prevailing ocean and bay breezes. The spacious, luminous reception area, with walls of glass for breathtaking ocean and garden views, features a floating staircase and a wine room with glass doors. Downstairs guest quarters or bedroom suites with recreation/meditation room. Spacious terrace and fully equipped summer kitchen with a large island/bar featuring a raw-bar or chilling trough and mirrored back splash for ocean views. Heated spa and infinity edge pool with swim-in place feature. Indonesian 'Bali' tiki on beach. Wake up to sunrise views from the upstairs master suie with walls of windows and glass doors open to the upstairs terrace, framed by the sea and sky. The fabulous bath and dressing suite includes 2 walk-in closets. Three additional upstairs bedroom suites hav eversatile folding walls for privacy or open plan. Large upstairs terrace floats above pool and overlooks beach. Dramatic illumination and water features and limestone floors throughout, marble and granite custom designed sinks and countertops. Top of the line appliances. Two-car garage, laundry/utility area. 4-zone AC.

grassy key1

This new wedding venue trully has it all! Contact us at Caribbean Catering for more information on this and other locations.

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Beachside Lounge Party

lounge setup We created this fun Beachside Lounge for a milestone birthday party this weekend. Don't you think it would work beautifully for a variety of other occasions? I'm thinking rehearsal dinners, engagement partys or weddings for starters! It's hip and contemporary and is a great way to get your guests mingling and everyone talking. It works perfectly with a roving dinner of butler passed appetizers combined with action stations of tappas style entrees.  Here's how the look for our beachside lounge party came together...

Design Elements: Navy & Natural color pallet to accent our waterfront location, bamboo lanterns and bamboo chairs, tall brass lanterns, mixed seating styles including low tables and sofas, fire pit to create a midsummers beach party vibe and provide warm light.


Islamorada weddings

We have all the lounge furniture rentals you need for a beachside lounge party. Get this look for your next event for under $1000.00!! Contact us at Caribbean Catering.

Head Table Idea for Your Beach Wedding

Head Table Idea for Beach wedding Looking for a creative and inexpensive head table idea for your beach wedding? This is one you should definitely consider. Takes less than one hour to make and all you need is scissors and a glue gun.

Two-step directions for assembling head table ribbon decor:

  1. You will start with one 11 ft piece of ribbon for the top
  2. Hot glue 18" strips every 4"  and your done!!!

If you try this idea or have any other great head table ideas, let us know in the comments below or post on our Facebook page.